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I need money urgently - What you should do?

I need money nowNowdays a lot of people have problems with money. It´s caused by many facts like dicreasing purchasing power of employes from no increasing wages to expensive outcome for living, food and entertainment.

Some people have troubles from the past, when borrowed some money in several loans or mortgages, and happend something unexpected like divorce, accident or illness. And you said yourself: "What should I do if I need money now!", but never mind we will come through step by step and show what to do from right now to future.


The simple way of money

The most simple way is just to borrow other money and pay it in the future, meanwhile you can use this money for your urgent needs and pay in the future.

It can be also in some cases the best way if you give all your debts into one long term loan, which after that can pay with low and longer time interest - it`s called refinance. Refinance your loan is often use term, in financial sector, because nowdays in the age of low interest rate, most of people refinance e.g. their mortgage to pay less.

Fast review what to do if I need money today!

What should you do at first?

We will come throug the basic step you shoould do right now to long term decisions nad habbits. First of all we focus on your incomes and using them, after that we help you to check outcomes. Than we give you several tips how to improve your incomes and don`t waste money for outcomes. We help you to create monthly and daily budget to help you manage your finance.

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We start at monthly budget

How does your everymonth budget look like? Are you having more money on your account than month before? Only this way is the right one. No other. If you know that your mothly money ends every month in the red numbers (more outcomes than incomes) you are doing something wrong.

Yes, sometimes. When you do a big deal - buying stock, real estate. You shoud be in the red numbers, but not every month with no special or unexpected outcomes. There are two points of view, first of all and most people looks from this side is to have huge income. And the second one - not very favourite - to have the lowest monthly outcomes.

Focused on How to make a budget?

Improving your incomes

Now let`s see on your incomes. Are they enough to your monthly regular spending or you need to save money how possible is it? If you are on this site, you probably have troubles also with your income. First of all you need to thing about: Are you satisfied with your job? Shoud I earn more money in the possition, where I work? Do you give everything for my own business?

And you can easily thing how can you do that.

More mone making tips in the article How to make more money?


Outcomes under control

It would be great if I have huge income 10 000$ a month or more and do nothing just enjoy my life. Belive me, there were a lot of people around the world, who has this income and still does not going with money every month because of also huge outcomes. They bought large house with mortgage and taxes, bought new luxury car on loan and in the end of the month is also red numbers on their account. And that`s the very bad way.

I do not say to enjoy your life with big monthly income, but you should thing to keep your outcomes you are in contract like loans, mortgage and other fixed monthly payments long distance from your monthly incomes to have big reserve e.g. for luxury dinners, clothes, boats and so one.

Aren`t you sure about money control? Check our article: How to save money fast? Or article about How to make a budget?


Money need in the future

Now you have the most urgent tips to do to make your money budget more comfortable. Now we look what to do next month, this year to avoid this situations with missing money in the future. First of all forget about lending money. The interests are against you and you need to earn more money just for paying the amount of interest rates. It´s much better if money works for you. Not you work for money.

You need an order for your money

Make a next month plan! How?

Take the pencil and a paper. Yes, this prehistoric tools. No laptops, no calculators. You have to write it in hand, than it will write into your hand and mainly in head.

Draw cross and on the top write IN and OUT - two section, where you put an expect of income money. All money you will get.

And in the section OUT will first of all your fixed monthly payment - mortgage, rent for house, necessary insurance, transport cost payment of loans. Than count it. If the IN will more than OUTs, it´s a good sign. If not, you will have to move, cancel insurance or travel by bike. Than imagine your daily expences for food, enterteinment. Count it. Outs must be as high as IN, If won´t you won´t eat next month out, won´t go to the cinema and so one.

That´s the basic help for you. Enjoy next articles                     

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