What should I do if I need money now?

You can do it simply right now

The most simple way to get money fast is to borrow money. You can try to ask friend of yours to lend you some money. It will be hard decision for him, because old truth is: "If you lend your money to your friend, you won't see you money and your friend either." but I hope you do not belong to the people, who change friendship for money.

Next tip is to going to bank and ask for a loan. It will be take for several days of weeks and if you have good credit you probably get long term loan with good interest rate. Or you can use fast choice to lend money from the licenced companies it's possible do it online and right now.

Or you can try someting other - continue reading...

1. Try to earn more money

Yes, I know. Crisis, low employment rate and other often said stuff. Please, try to forget on these things. Nowdays it's getting more better so first try to find a job, where the payment will be enought for your monthly outcomes and will have reserve for next month.

If you have a job, you can try to work e.g. one hour everytime every day, It will be a nice amount of money on payday. Or even better try to set up a business. You said: " I do not have money for it?" it's just even better, becuase you won't waste your earn money for stupidities. Most of rich people started with a small amount of money, because with small money you have nothing to loose, you can only win.

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2. What about saving money?

If you can earn more money than before and it doesn't matter if the money comes from your new job, overtimes, new business, you are on a right way to reach it.  Now the next step to be succesfull and not being in the money need at all is to save money! I don't thing to buy only in the 0.99$ shops, but you should always calculate in your head if the amount of money is a too much, if the quality goods is well payed or you pay the low cash for high quality goods.

Most of rich people, who were succesfull in business never buy overvalued goods only for image or other crap social opinions. They always try to pay price for usefull stuff. Let's use their experience. Do not live in the three time bigger house than you need or do not buy new car every year.

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3. What to do next with money?

So you have a job, where you are earning more than you spent. You saved every month wasted money. So what to do next to avoid being in money need in the future?

You should buy someting, what you will have money from every day,week,month year. Now it is on your turn. You can choose stock, which will give you a divident every year. You can buy land, where you will grow up groceries or grow chicken to get eggs every day.

I recommend you to start with something small. If you live in the coutryside, buy hen for eggs, cow for milk. If you live in the city. These won't be a good choice, try to pick up some divident stocks, or invest on your own e.g. in your favourite mobile app.

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